America's Problem
Americas illegal drug industry is a billion dollar corporation fueled by greed,death and jail. This inside look reveals what authorities know but keep secret. The reader will find astonishing facts on its origin, how its made and the staggering amounts of money that come from its proceeds. The information provided is not intended to mislead nor direct the reader with hopes of obtaining a piece of an American problem.
Lady Cache (Cover Girl)
Detroit's official first lady gets it in with the hottest photos in her time zone.
Fat Cat
The Fat cat story is a classic New York hustlers story. The players names have become legendary and the tale should be a cautionary read as to what could happen with the choices you make.
Boonie Black
The Boonie black story is one told directly from the mouth of one of Chicago's most feared men. Murder, Extortion and terror was just another day when you crossed paths with this legendary black gangster. Boonie black was surely the last of a dying breed.
Gun Guide
Guns popping up in our communities at an alarming rate. Children are dying at the hands of those who purchase these weapons with relative ease. We went inside to reveal prices as well as knowledge of what the streets know.
Smoke Something
Purple haze is the newest craze to hit the streets. Here we investigate the health sides and the cost nationwide.